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Face Masks are Mandatory when visiting NHS Services Posted on 8 Oct 2021

Lets be kind and bear others in mind some people are more at risk than othersRecently we have seen an increased amount of patients arriving without a face mask. We understand that the majority of the country have been double vaccinated and many places no longer require the use of a face mask, however wearing a face mask is mandatory when visiting NHS services. Please be advised that we cannot provide face masks to patients as we require these for our own staff. 

We ask that you wear a face mask when visiting the surgery. By doing so, you are not only protecting our staff but other patients who may be vulnerable and may be unable to have the COVID-19 vaccine due to allergy or other medical reasons. 

We hope you understand our reasoning behind wearing a face mask. Thank you for your cooperation.

You still need to wear a face covering when visiting NHS services after 19th July

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