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Phone closure between 12 and 1 daily Posted on 14 Dec 2021

We recently changed to accommodate a phone closure between 12 and 1 daily so that patients would not be ringing at 12.45 for an appointment only to be told to ring back at 1 PM. This has worked well for the most part however following how well this process was working it has come to light that it would have been better to close the phone lines between 1 and 2 and have our appointments reopen for the afternoon from 2 PM. This is because we have more staff working to be able to answer those calls at 2 PM.

Therefore we plan to make the change from 4 January 2022. From this date our phones will be closed between 1 and 2 and reopen again at 2 PM for our afternoon appointments. Thank you for supporting the needed changes.

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